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Romantic Snowy Engagement Session

Lane and Cesilie got engaged on Christmas! Shortly after, Cesilie had contacted me about taking their wedding pictures for a November wedding, and wanted to get the engagement session done soon - while there was snow on the ground. I was super excited about scheduling a snow engagement session. Not often do potential clients want pictures in the snow, considering it's usually freezing cold, you can't do many sitting down poses unless you want your bottom all wet, and its really hard to time a good snow session if roads are icy and slick. It had snowed earlier in the week, but due to low temps, the snow hadn't done any melting. Cesilie contacted me on Saturday night to see if we could do the session on Sunday (which was way short notice for my already booked schedule!) BUT I convinced her to show up to my house at 8:00am to do the session.

At 7:30am the next morning, Cesilie texted me and was worried about whether their pictures would be good or not because a fog had set in. I texted back saying "fog will only make your pictures AMAZING!" and kept my fingers crossed that when they arrived at 8:00am, the fog would still be around.

The fun thing for me as a photographer, is getting to watch my clients grow and go along with them for the ride that life has in store for them. Lane is actually my cousin, through marriage. He's such a hard-working guy, and has a love for hunting and cattle farming and horses. Growing up, he fought (and won!!) 2 battles with non-hodgkins lymphoma. I fully believe he took something from those battles - live life to the absolute fullest. Cesilie, crazy enough, was one of my students when I taught 7th grade at Clark County Middle School. She was really good friends with Lane's sister, Tressa, as they were in the same class, and shared lots of common interests. Like Lane, Cesilie also has a love for animals - which makes them the perfect pair! Hopefully her future husband won't ever turn her down if she wants to buy another horse. ;) I can't wait to see where this life takes them! They both have big plans! The most current - Cesilie is a student at Kirksville, they're trying to sell their house in Fairmont, and hopping to buy some ground near Luray. I wish them the best!

How to make the session romantic?

Because I had photographed Lane for his senior pictures, I knew he really struggled with his smile. Cesilie even made the comment that it looks like he's constipated when he smiles! (Lol) Lane LOVES kids, and since the session was at my house, I dressed up Royson (my 2 year old) and let him join us outside. As chaotic as it is, to have a 2 year old running around you while you're photographing, Royson made Lane laugh and relaxed him. I got to see lots of genuine smiles from Lane - instead of forced smiles. The key to a romantic session? Be original! Be in the moment! Hug. Kiss. Flirt. Hold.

Congrats on your engagement guys!

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