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Underwear on Bed

Boudoir Event

$175 - Pricing May Vary

- 30 Minute "Themed" Shoot

- Professional Makeup

- Professional Hair

- Password Protected Online Gallery of All Edited Images

- Boudoir Events are scheduled twice a year - once in January, and once in the Summer

Underwear on Bed

Individual Boudoir


- 2 Hour Photo Shoot

- Professional Hair

- Professional Makeup

- Password Protected Online Gallery of All Edited Images

- Venue cost paid by client

- Invite friends to do a session with you to split the cost of the venue



  •  Wear loose fitting clothing to the session (this includes no socks) 

  •  Bring solid colored panties (make sure black and white are included, at minimum) 

  • Remove all stickers from the bottoms of all footwear 

  • Check to make sure you look great all around in the outfits you plan to bring. You want to accentuate your favorite features 

  • If you must spray tan or bed tan, please do so nude, as tan lines can be difficult to work with in processing your images 

  • Shave and moisturize 

  • Drink plenty of water the day before and morning of for glowing skin 

  • Eating breakfast is essential. You will not be bloated for your session. EAT EAT EAT! 

  • Be ready to start ON TIME! 

  • Be prepared to pay your session balance in full, by either cash, checks or PayPal, prior to session 

  • If you have polish on your finger nails or toes, please ensure they are nicely manicured (i.e no polish chipping, etc) 

  • False eye lashes are a great way to add a bit of extra sassiness and glam 

  • Makeup and hair is part of the session. There are no exceptions to this! 

  •  Your hair needs to be fully dry and face full clean of makeup upon the start of your hair and makeup for the session. 

  • Bring that jewelry! Chunky jewelry, elegant jewelry, bring it all so we have options. Real or fake, we don’t hate! Jewelry is not mandatory but it’s an excellent touch 

  • Lets talk thigh highs! Curvy women- You can find plus size thigh highs at any adult store and even Walmart carries plus sized thigh highs, now! 

  • Sexy doesn’t always mean less clothing. Other wardrobe Ideas: 

    • White men's dress shirt, solid colored panties, heels or bare feet-both look fab! 

    • Spouse's favorite t-shirt with cute panties 

    •  Bra/pantie set 

    • Sheer shirt, tank top, and or/ anything with lace 

    • Vintage night gown or slip 

    • Topless with casual jeans or short shorts (You will be using your arms or hands to cover your chest)

    • Converse with a tank top or oversized sweater/cardigan 

    • Here's a cute one- CANDY! Cotton candy (on a stick) Big lollipops, licorice, bubble gum etc. 


  • Absolutely NO cell phones during the photo shoot session - we do this for privacy reasons AND because I want to connect with you during your session. It's hard to make you feel beautiful when you have your face buried in your phone!

  • Alcohol & snacks - we allow these at your session. It helps add to the overall fun, relaxation and enjoyment of the session, however, consuming too much alcohol to the point where you can't control your behavior is NOT tolerated. You will be asked to leave immediately - no refund of any session fees. Moreover, if you have consumed enough alcohol to cause "closed" or "droop eye" during your photos, no additional editing can be done to correct that and I am not held liable. 

  • As stated above, try on your outfits before arriving to your session. Do NOT bring an entire suitcase/bag full of outfits. There isn't enough time to wear all the outfits, and it takes time away from your session when we have to sort through clothes/find mates to outfits, etc. 

  • Corsets are not allowed. Sorry! I know they make you feel slim, however, we've had too many clients bring a corset that had never been laced or wasn't laced properly, resulting in 20-30 minutes of our time to fit it. Moreover, corsets limit the posing you can do. 

  • NO images from your session will be posted or shown to anyone without your permission. When you Password Protected Gallery is e-mailed to you, you can choose to share your images at your own discretion.

  • You MUST be 21 to book a boudoir session. I understand that at 18, you are legally an adult, however, you can still be in high school when you're 18 - not even going to go there! 

  • Understand our sessions! Sessions are NOT meant to be "sexual" - our sessions empower women to be happy with who they are, encourage them to stand tall and proud of who they are, and enhance their natural beauty and features. If you don't understand this concept, don't bother booking. 


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