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Posing in the Purple Flowers

COVID19 has really put a damper on my photography business. I didn't realize how much I'd miss getting behind the camera - especially since when I'm swamped with sessions, I'm longing for a slow down. My brother and his wife are both essential workers - Mikey is an electrician at Climax and Camille is a nurse at Blessing Hospital. My husband and I are also both essential workers - I work for the USDA Farm Service Agency, and Jakoby works at Knapheide Manufacturing in Quincy. So, basically other than each other (and we live about a mile from each other), we don't get to see many other people - other than work.

Camille and I have done a session in the purple henbit flowers consistently every spring for the last couple years. I didn't want to miss this year due to COVID19. So, my boys and I loaded up the Equinox (Jakoby's work car), cruised some dusty backroads, and searched for what henbit might be left - due to the farmers currently plowing up and getting ready to plant. This year was a challenge to find a good patch! Farmers were eager to get field work done this year, as the 2019 flood left lots of farmers in our end of Clark County, without any crops. We live just a few miles from the Gregory Landing bottoms - so when the levee broke last year, that left farmers in our area with no crops - including the farmers in our family. I definitely can't blame them for being eager to get out there and work up some dirt!

After a 20 minute "bottom cruise," we found Jay Barry's field - not yet plowed - and covered in beautiful henbit purple flowers! I texted Camille right away and said "found a place! meet me there!"

I ran home and dressed up my boys and myself (Jakoby was working ground for his uncle so wasn't able to come - typical!). I threw a container of chocolate chip cookies I'd baked the day before in the car with the boys (to use later as bribery!) and we headed to meet Walkers!

While maintain social distancing, we did our shoot! Walker family first....

....then I handed my camera over to Camille for her to get a few of me and my boys. (She did great considering she's a nurse - not a photographer! - plus it gave me an editing challenge.

After editing, I decided to look back at the past sessions Camille and I did in the purple flowers. Gosh - the girls have grown up so much!

Here's 2017...(Amelia)

Here's 2019 (we must've skipped 2018?!?!)...Aubrie was in on this session!

I hope we can keep doing this session every year - no matter how big our kids are getting! And, hopefully, once this COVID-19 Pandemic comes to an end, we've ALL developed a closer relationship with our kids - close enough that we'll want a photo session with them to remember just how important our children are to us.

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