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Let it go!

Amelia turned 3 on January 9th, and I wanted to do a special session for her. Her favorite thing to do is to "dress up." She has an abundance of tutu's and costumes that each day, she picks out to wear. She loves to pretend she's a princess and dance around in her costumes. Knowing she likes to dress up, and knowing she likes Frozen, I knew this would be the perfect session for her - not to mention - she has the blonde hair and blue eyes to boot! I bought the Elsa costume, along with tiara, wand, gloves, (and a clip in braid that we didn't use) from Amazon for $30, called Amelia's mom up, and said "the dress is here! there's snow on the ground! lets do this!" What I didn't think about, was that it was 10* that day. Freezing! We attempted the session in my front yard, and weren't outside but 5 minutes and Amelia was too cold to have any fun.

Frozen Session - Take 2!

So, the first session was a wash. Amelia was too cold to pretend she was an ice queen in the cold temps. The next weekend, we got a perfect snow, and it was about 40* out, so I ran over to Camille's house, dressed up Amelia, and we headed out into her front yard to re-do the session. Perfection! I had her pretend she was turning her house into an ice castle. I had her pretend she was feeding her pet reindeer. She had a few conversations with Olaf about how she didn't like spring. I could't wait to get home and edit! This session was only about 10 minutes - but that's all I needed to get some great shots to come home and photoshop.

Happy 3rd Birthday Princess Amelia!

And if you'd like to book a Frozen Mini Session - shoot me an e-mail to set up a date - as long as there's snow!

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