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Lemons Don't Have To Be Sour

Small businesses are starting to notice recent changes in Facebook algorithms. For example, on my photography Facebook page, anytime I make a post, there's a "reach" bar that appears on my newsfeed under each post that lets me know how many people see my post. On average, my post would "reach" about 600-1,000 people - which was awesome - because that's 600-1,000 people that get to see my work and potentially become clients. About 2 months ago, I noticed that my "reach" bar would only show that 30-100 people were seeing my posts. What the heck?!?! So, I turned to my photography "groupies" and discovered Facebook, again, has changed how "regular people" are able to see what business accounts post on Facebook. Not only has Facebook changed what people see, but they also no longer allow business pages to "tag" people. This is SO frustrating!! So, in order to combat that, I created a Facebook group, specifically for people who want to book mini sessions - people that have children and want short and sweet photo sessions.

Here's the link to it, if you'd like to join:

It's crazy how well this group has worked! The first couple of posts I made, people were interacting. Dumb Facebook! Erg! Anyway, one day I posted a picture of a Lemon backdrop that I'd actually purchased last summer to do a quick session with my nieces outside. I'd only used it one for their session, then it ended up thrown in my photography closet - and I'm pretty sure my boys crumpled it all up when playing with it. As soon as I posted it, Ashley messaged me and said she'd love to do a lemon session for Cora, since Cora's birthday was coming up the beginning of April. I was SO excited!

Ashley showed up to my house with balloons, a yellow homemade cake, a yellow and white polka dotted outfit, a lemon dress, and a tutu! At first, Cora wasn't that excited about the session. She hadn't been feeling that well earlier in the week and had a little bit of a runny nose, but we proceeded with the session. She LOVED chasing the lemons around as they rolled on the floor easily.

Then, we got out the cake and Cora cheered right up! She was making it difficult for Ashley to put her tutu on because she wanted the cake SO bad! Normally, I take a picture of two of the child behind the cake BEFORE they tear into it. Cora didn't even give me a moment to do that!

Setup: Lemons (fake), Lemon Garland, Yellow Lanterns, Triangle Banner, Chalkboard, Cake Stand -

Crates: H & M Antiques, Kahoka, Missouri

Yellow Lemonade: It's actually water dyed with yellow food coloring

If you're interested in booking a "mini" photo session, or cake smash, don't hesitate to send me your idea and message me to book a session! My website has all the info:

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