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Book Now for January 2021 Boudoir Event!

We (meaning me and the 2 Nicole's), only do these events TWICE and year! Do NOT miss out on booking this event! We've worked hard to find an awesome venue to hold our boudoir sessions this year and once the event is over, your opportunity will be gone!

We've booked the amazing Travelers Rooming House in Hannibal, Missouri! Check out their website here:

Due to COVID, we've changed our booking a little bit - we totally understand that you never know when you could GET COVID, or be quarantined - so no worries!

Here's the deets!

Boudoir Event - January 9th, 2021- The Travelers Rooming House, Hannibal, Missouri


Boudoir Sessions January 9th, 2021

Session Total is $250, which includes: - 1 Hour Session (Total time we devote to you!) - Professional Hair by Nicole Otte - Professional Makeup by Nicole Savage - Professional Pictures by Teri Hooper Photography - Password protected online gallery of all beautifully edited images - Print release

Paid in full balance is due to confirm your booking.

Cancellations: 1) If the event is cancelled due to fault of Teri Hooper Photography/Nicole Otte/Nicole Savage - you will recieve you payment back in full. 2) If you choose not to show up to the event MORE THAN 72 hours before the session, you will receive $125 back. 3) If you choose not to show up to the event LESS THAN 72 hours before the session, you will receive NO money back. You are allowed 2 outfit changes for this event - we have some girls that bring more than 2 - which is fine - just know your time is limited.

Location: The Travelers Rooming House, Hannibal, Missouri (see pictures for the room we’ll be using)

YOU MUST sign the contract with this booking!

COVID Related Info: We all three will have our masks on us. We will NOT wear our masks, unless you ask us to, but will not be offended if you ask us to. Wearing a mask to your session is completely up to you. However, we do follow ALL CDC guidelines, therefore if you are quarantined - you MAY NOT attend this session.

If you haven't already: Join My FEMALE ONLY PRIVATE Facebook Group:

Here's the link to book your time!

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