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"I Just Want One Good Picture!"

I've been a photographer for over 10 years, and of all the sessions I've photographed, about half of the moms say "I just want one good picture!" "Will you please smile for Teri!" "Just one!" Then, when the session is over, I often hear the comment "I hope you got at least one good picture!" I love when I can totally surprise a mom, and deliver an album to her with TONS of good pictures!

Kids are so unpredictable. From about age 1-4, I never know how they're going to behave, or what they're going to do when they show up to a photo session. Not to mention, something happens when I put the camera in front of my face - it's like they KNOW its taking their picture and they start acting odd. Snapping fast pictures, unposed, seems to work the best.

The Clark girls we so much fun to photograph! They both have big personalities, and mom had some super cute outfits to pick out! I just recently started to "up" my indoor photography game because its no fun having to cancel outdoor sessions due to unpredictable weather. I'm having fun with it - but it definitely presents its own set of challenges and is a learning curve.

The most difficult part, for me at least, is the lighting aspect of indoor photography. White has to be white - not off

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